Message From The Board Of Directors

Having undergone many hunting experiences, Armsan has designed innovative solutions for filling your shooting needs.

It is our pleasure to introduce you the exciting recent developments in our product categories. Last year we added 28 gauge automatic 20 gauge pump action shotguns to our product line while improving the 12, and 20 gauge automatic and 12 gauge pump action models we had already been manufacturing. This enabled us to offer you a richer variety of shot guns that are tailored for every hunter's preference as A612, A620 ,P612 and Phenoma series including Phenoma’s most recently launched Aura serie. In addition to the introduction of 28 and 20 gauge models, we extended our Phenoma line by adding timber, laminated and coloured options to create the A Design serie to the already popular synthetic Phenoma models.

Depending on what kind of a hunt you are up to, you can decide the best fitting semi-automatic or pump-action model according to your needs. You can buy our models for waterfawl hunts, or for upland hunts. After choosing your Armsan shotgun, you will come to depend on our brand and never want to use another product other than the Armsan models!

We also have designed reliable and accurate short-range guns that are especially tailored for defence purposes. If you are especially looking for a shotgun for your self-defence, then ARMTAC series would be the model that we would suggest for you to select from.

As our product line is gaining worldwide popularity including the USA, Russia and most of the European countries, we appreciate you for sharing your valuable feedbacks with us, as your ideas are very important for us to adjust accordingly to your upcoming needs.

Wishing you the best of luck with your hunts,


Board of Directors